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I’m so not used to this newfangled WordPress thing. I’m spoiled by Twitter- 140 characters and go. BUT I would like to show you this new show I’ve been making and am proud of. I know it’ll keep getting better and better. We’ll be even be doing some sweet giveaways within the next few weeks!

Please to be enjoying the Fortplays!




<3, Chloe

Holy bejeesus christ.

It’s September, and it’s a cool and totally not fucking insane temperature of 95° F in Los Angeles at 7 pm. It’s okay though, because I’m also not totally fucking insane and decided to completely reorganize my cosplay closet.

“Charming Silverlake Apartment” = Good luck with no AC, asshole.

As I was trying to make sense out of the chaos of my closet, I decided to take a step back and try to view my place as a normal person would. Suddenly I realized that while I see my apartment as fairly tidy, I’m pretty much just wrong.

photo 5

I’m a landlord’s worst nightmare. On top of the racket of the power tools and weird shit I’ve left on the stairwell outside my back door, I’ve gotten glue all over the floor and unintentionally painted the lawn purple (before repainting it green).

But let’s rewind for a moment. This is my *cleaned* apartment.

photo 3
Blue whipped cream caps… “Just in case.”
photo 4
My first sewing machine. First attempt led to a jam. Hasn’t been touched since. I HATE SEWING

Finally, a shot of my “organized” cosplay closet.

photo 1
Complete with creepy wigheads and un-strategically placed wings.

 Eventually, I’ll give you guys a full-on tour of my “healthy hoarding”, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Swag from video games I’ve never played or care about
  • Things I’ve stolen from game studio parties at GDC/E3/PAX
  • Lots and lots of make-up
  • A ridiculous pantry full of expired Japanese candy
  • A box of dog clothes I will never make my dog wear but I think are adorable
  • Fucktons of mugs from around the country
  • A multitude of dice sets that are all missing 1-2 dice.

So stick around for that. I guess.

<3, Chloe

P.S. OH AND PAX. There will be PAX.

Espionage Cosmetics is one of my favorite  cosmetics companies, for many many reasons. BULLET POINTS:

Recently, they made a Kickstarter for some insane nail wraps. Look. Drool. Donate.

Espionage Cosmetics

Anyway, I met them at ECCC when I came upon their booth and nearly wet myself- I’ve been collecting indie make-up for a LONG LONG time. I met Jaimie and she was wonderful and everyone was wonderful.

So when they contacted me about doing a photoshoot, I told them I hated their dumb faces and never wanted to see them again. JUST KIDDING, THIS HAPPENED:

Chloe Dykstra Photo Shoot - Borderlands - Espionage Cosmetics

Everyone at the shoot was incredibly wonderful and accommodating. They even brought the best doughnuts. It was silly.

Mike Wilson was the photographer, and his stuff is amazing. Not to mention, he’s super easy and fun to work with.

Rachel Kramer did my hair, and she’s incredibly talented. Look at this hair piece she made. LOOK AT IT.

Kat Ogden was the AD of the century, driving me to Tacoma from Seattle and back twice in one day (FOUR TRIPS). She is awesome.

And last but not least, the lovely Miss Meescha Dare made the costumes, and they were all impeccable. She is a master and I want to her make all of my clothes now.

Chloe Dykstra Photo Shoot - Borderlands - Espionage Cosmetics

Chloe Dykstra Photo Shoot - Borderlands - Espionage Cosmetics

Chloe Dykstra Photo Shoot - Borderlands - Espionage Cosmetics

Chloe Dykstra Photo Shoot - Borderlands - Espionage Cosmetics

I had such a wonderful day yesterday and I want to thank everyone involved… I can’t wait to see the final shots. I’ll post everything here when it’s up (including a Behind the Scenes Cool Story Chlo!)

<3, Chloe

I’ve been modeling since I was 13 years old (LA Models, Ford, Industry Models). My mom got me an agent by sending a few shots of me to different agencies. She’s not a stage mom, not by a long shot. In fact, her reasoning for getting me into modeling was to “boost my self-esteem” after seeing how tough school was for me.

First ever headshots.

Modeling did boost my self-esteem. I actually booked pretty regularly. One of my first jobs was an editorial in Vogue Italia, shot by Peter Lindbergh. I was feeling so good about it, I would bring my magazines to school to show them to my friends. At least, that’s what I thought I was doing. What I was really doing was bragging about modeling to people I didn’t know very well.

Italian Cosmo
On Sundays I like to take walks in the pool.

Anyway, that was all I really got out of modeling. Along the journey, I met people who desperately wanted to model, wanted to make it their career. They took classes, had active profiles on Model Mayhem. All I saw it as was a way to buy more manga. I despised the job, and since I struggled with social anxiety, I dreaded photoshoots.

Commercial modeling wasn’t that bad, though. Sure, I had a photographer every once in awhile tell me I was “soft”, “too white”, or that my arms were too hairy, but generally it wasn’t the most evil job. I just never really fit in.

In fact, after ten years of this, I started painting my nails black. Then, I started getting tattoos. Piercings. Little ways of rebelling. And then…

I dyed my hair red. Whoops.

Fuck the system.

I finally feel like myself now. I still work with an agency, but I choose the shoots I want to do. I won’t book Target again for awhile (or maybe ever), but I don’t care that much. It’s time to do what I love: working as a host, surrounded by video games and cosplay. Empowering girls and guys who are bullied or tortured for their social anxiety or the way they love the things they love. No more comparing myself to other girls at castings, no more listening to how much they’re better than me at juice cleansing (fuck that shit, I made it through 3 days and wanted to die). No more manicure checks by my agent. I finally get to be myself and find the joy in modeling again.

I can’t walk in flats now
or my feet cramp up.

To you girls who envy professional models, don’t. A lot of their life is spent making sure their entire body is in tip top shape. They under-eat, over-exercise, spend tons of money on manicures and fake tans (which smell like dog food). Their feet are gnarled from wearing heels since they were 11. They spend every day going to castings where they wait hours for someone to look at them and decide they aren’t pretty/skinny/curvy enough. It’s a sad waste of a life focused on appearance that could be used to do things that really make a difference. Because in all of the years of my modeling, I’ve maybe kept a single magazine, and even that one’s old, faded, and dogeared. That’s not much of a legacy to leave behind, is it?

THIS is my legacy.

This is the first real post on my “Internet Blog”. You guys are taking my blog virginity. I mean, I’ve had a Livejournal before, so I think I sort of know how it feels. Hopefully there will be less crying this time.

“Oh hey, just gonna take my mouse to school and post about it on my LJ.”
-15 Year Old Chloe

This is super exciting for me! I’m ready to make EVERYTHING I DO PUBLIC, including but not limited to: a description of how I apply my deodorant (two swipes in winter, three in summer), a daily Poop Log (you will be privy to my privy) and a detailed weekly report about what’s gone bad in my fridge (sneak preview: white mushrooms are looking a little brown).

F’reals though, here’s what you can expect from me:
-Handcrafted videos (Such as Cool Story Chlo and Fortplay)
-Photos from recent photoshoots
-Stories and rants told in (what my mom thinks is) a humorous fashion
-Game news and commentary
-Cosplays from myself and others
-Some make-up tutorials and swatch posts
-Probably some cupcakes, I don’t know

Anyway, thank you for coming to visit my humble little red and black website, and joining me on this first day of our journey together. To commemorate this moment, here is me in my natural state: pantless and eating baby carrots.
[Photo credit: Greg De Stefano]


Puppies and Kisses,
Chloe <3